Investor relations

In 2014, the Bank’s investor relation activities focused on the following areas:

  • strengthening a positive image of PKO Bank Polski SA as a reliable and transparent company among the existing and potential investors, financial market analysts and rating agencies, through the use of various market communication tools,
  • fulfilling the information duties of the Company as an issuer of securities, as required by the law,
  • organising the General Shareholders’ Meeting and providing information to the Bank’s shareholders,
  • ensuring the Bank’s cooperation with appropriate governmental bodies, organisations and capital market institutions in connection with the Bank’s presence on the public securities market.

As part of market communication in 2014:

  • after each quarter end, the Bank’s and the Group’s financial performance was presented by the Bank’s Management Board in a meeting with capital market and debt securities analysts, organised on the Bank’s premises, and during teleconferences in which ca. 70 analysts and representatives of investors participated each time,
  • members of the Management Board of the Bank and the key management regularly participated in meetings (and teleconferences) with investors and analysts, both on the Bank’s premises and in investor conferences. In 2014, there were ca. 80 meetings on the Bank’s premises, ca. 170 meetings during 14 investor conferences and two roadshow project and over 110 teleconferences,
  • chat of President of the Management Board with individual investors took place in May 2014 and in June 2014 representatives of the Bank participated in the conference of the Association of Individual Investors (Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Indywidualnych) in Karpacz,
  • the Investor Relations Office maintained on-going contacts with analysts and investors, both corporate and individual, by answering many questions asked by telephone or e-mail and relating to business operations and financial performance of PKO Bank Polski SA,
  • the Bank immediately published all information relevant to investors and the Bank’s shareholders on the website of the Investor Relations Office:,
  • in March 2014, the Bank launched its annual on-line report once again, this time for 2013, in the form of a dedicated online service in two language versions: Polish and English ( The annual report published as a separate service is a tool for achieving the Bank’s objectives in the area of information and image. First and foremost, it makes it easier to find and use the key financial and business information of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group; in 2014 the service was significantly modified, its structure changed into more transparent and intuitive for internet users, additional user-friendly functionalities, including i.a. interactive tools for presenting data and charts were introduced,
  • in December 2014, the Bank adopted (subsequently made public on the website) the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Capital Adequacy Information Policies in contacts with investors and clients that relate to conducting the communication by the Bank with investors, clients and professional clients, in particular, they determine the scope and the way of conducting the communication, including communication channels and the competencies in information activities.

These activities were aimed at providing comprehensive information on the Bank’s financial performance and activities, including the changes in market environment, to enable a reliable assessment of the Bank’s current position and outlook and the correct valuation of the company’s shares.

PKO Bank Polski SA makes every effort to ensure that periodic reports maintained the highest standards in respect of professionalism and fair information, so that they present the Bank’s results in a complete and transparent manner and are as useful as possible to institutional investors, analysts and individual shareholders.

In 2014, second time in a row, PKO Bank Polski SA received a special award and the title of ‘The Best of The Best’ in the competition for the best annual report, published by Instytut Rachunkowości i Podatków (Accounting and Tax Institute). The prize is awarded to enterprises and banks which won the main prize in the competition three times in the last three years. The award is proof of the highest quality of the Bank’s annual reports. The Chapter of the competition appreciated its value in use for WSE investors, application of IFRS/IAS standards and publication of an online version in all these areas.

Recognition was also given to the image-related value of the Bank’s financial statements, its completeness and consistency, and clear and logical presentation of data (i.a. strategy and forecasts taking account of risk, the application of the principles of corporate governance).