Benefits for employees

Employee Pension Programme

In 2013, the Employee Pension Programme (EPP) was created at the Bank. The EPP was introduced in the form of a contract on the Bank making basic and additional contributions on behalf of the employees to investment funds managed by PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA.

In connection with the acquisition of Nordea Bank Polska SA on 31 October 2014, also the Employee Pension Programme created in Nordea Bank Polska SA, designed for its employees, who at the date of the legal merger were participants of EPP of Nordea Bank Polska SA has been functioning in the Bank.

In 2014 the Employee Pension Programme (EPP) was also functioning in the following companies - PKO BANKOWY PTE SA, PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjncyh SA and PKO Życie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA.

Medical care

The Bank ensures its employees additional, besides occupational health services (resulting from the regulations of the Polish Labour Code), medical care owed to employees according to various packages, addressed to particular groups of jobs. All packages enable employees to have unlimited number of doctors’ consultations in all areas of specialisation and to diagnostic tests ordered by them.

Since 2011, the medical care for the employees was extended to include a health promotion programme called ‘Zdrowie jak w Banku’, covering, i.a. a preventive health check and activities directed at health-oriented education and promoting a healthy life style.

Additional medical care is also ensured for employees of the majority of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group entities.

Most of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group entities ensure their employees, besides occupational health services, additional medical care by equal or various packages, depending on the rules adopted in these Entities.

Providing broad range of charge medical services for employees constitutes a significant element of additional benefits provided for the employed in the PKO Bank Polski SA Group.

My Benefit

The Bank gives its employees the possibility of using the cafeteria system called ’MyBenefit‘ as part of which each employee of the Bank may use the funds allocated to him/her from the Company Social Benefits Fund via an online platform on his/her own. The platform offers a broad range of benefits for the employees to choose from.

The amount of funds received to be spent at the cafeteria is dependent on the amount of gross income per person in a given family.

Social benefits

In accordance with the Act of 4 March 1994 on the Company Social Benefits Fund, the aid granted out of the Company Social Benefits Fund to the Bank’s employees and former employees (pensioners, people receiving pre-retirement benefits) and members of their families in 2014 was earmarked for the following purposes:

  • various forms of holidays,
  • promotion of education, cultural and sport activities,
  • day carers or nannies looking after children in day care centres, children’s clubs, and kindergartens, and other forms of pre-school education;
  • provision of material aid – in-kind or financial aid, as well as aid for housing purposes under terms and conditions set out in agreements.